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How to Mix Gas for a 2-stroke: First your gonna need to know the gas to oil ratio on your 2-cycle engine whether its 32:1 or 50:1. On a standard weed-eater the gas to oil ratio is 50:1. but on a high performance dirt bike it may be 30:1 it all depends on each machine you use.
May 06, 2005 · The life blood of a four-stroke engine is motor oil. It breathes it, eats it and oozes it. Most four-strokes, save the CRF450 and CRF250, use the same motor oil to lubricate the valves, cam ...
This is a new pint of Silkolene Comp 2- 2 stroke premix oil. I have more than one bottle available. Silkolene Comp 2 / 2 stroke premix oil ATV MX Dirt Bike - general...
The best overall KTM 2 stroke dirt bikes for trail riding are the 150 XCW, 250 XCW, and 300 XCW. The 150 is one of the lightest trail bikes available, but it has plenty of power. It’s great if you want a 2 stroke that is easy to handle and maintain, but want to be aggressive and have fun twisting the throttle.
2 Stroke Oil + 500ml Mixing Bottle Mini Midi Moto Dirtbike Quadbike ATV Racing Dirt Bike Petrolscooter by PetrolScooter. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Price: £9.85 ...
Suzuki Dirt Bike Motorcycles : Suzuki Motorcycles - Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. - You're curious and we've given you more ways to explore. - You're curious and we've given you more ways to explore. Regardless of whether you are an experienced riding enthusiast or a beginning rider we're certain you'll find something exciting and new about ...
Coolster ATV-3125XR8-S Kodiak-Hd125 Semi-Auto Mid Size, 124CC Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke ATV - Fully Assembled and Tested
2-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil Pre-Mix 101 Looks like it’s time for a little 2 stroke oil pre-mix 101. I don’t usually get into ratio discussions, because mix ratios are like religions to most people, and they tend to be closed-minded and hard-headed on the subject, but I’ll put in my $.02 here anyway.
Buy Klotz KL-102 1 qt Synthetic R-50-Dirt Bike 2-Stroke Oil from Walmart Canada. Shop for more Automotive Fuel Additives available online at
What oil should I use for my 2 stroke dirt bike? Vegetable oil – Ah just kidding! Use only high performance two stroke engine oil. Make sure you use a quality brand like Castrol, Motul, Yamalube, Belray, Putoline, Silkolene etc.. They aint cheap but they will prolong the life of your engine significantly over other inferior oils.
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Moreover, if your bike is a new generation four-stroke bike, then it is the best lubricant that I can recommend you. HP RACER SYNTH significantly surpasses the requirements of the best engine oil for bikes such as Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Bajaj, Honda, etc.

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125cc 4-Stroke Engine Parts used on Chinese manufactured atv's, go-karts and dune buggies, dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds, motorcycles, utv's and mini -bikes including cylinder heads, cylinder kits, crank shafts, cylinder jugs, gaskets, oil pumps, engine covers and more! Our mid-size and full-size youth and adult Chinese dirt bikes and street legal Chinese motorcycles are a great way to get into riding without spending a fortune. If you're looking at a Kawasaki KLX, Suzuki DR, Honda CRF, or Yamaha TT-R, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the China bikes, too! The volume of oil is, however, dependent on the make, model, and year of your dirt bike. Can You Use 2-stroke Engine Oil in a 4-Stroke engine? Four-stroke engines work under high operating temperatures. They need oils with a high viscosity to support performance even in fast racing conditions. The properties of 2-stroke oils cannot handle these ...I had some merc 2 stroke oil that was several years old, in the pint containers with seal intact. Ask a mechanic and he said the oil should be ok. Used it in a new 25hp 2 stroke yamaha, and began to lose power. Took the motor back to the dealer whom I have known for years and he found nothing wrong with the motor. KTM Replica 50cc Kids Dirt Bike . NORMALLY $1199+ ONLY $899 . Bulk Buy Special 2+ ONLY $849 each 610mm Seat Height . SORRY OUT OF STOCK. HEAVY DUTY SUSPENSION - Can take up to 80KGS. LARGE SAFETY CHAIN GUIDE . LATEST DESIGN PLASTICS CHROME HANDLEBARS . DURABLE 2 STROKE ENGINE with Kick Start. SPORTS MUFFLER SYSTEM. Sorry out of stock Petroleum-based 2-stroke oil. Petroleum based 2-stroke oil is not widely used anymore, if at all, at least in dirt bike engines. We don't sell the straight stuff because we recommend the castor, synthetic or blends. Petroleum based 2-stroke oil is made out of the same stuff you're mixing it with!

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